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Women's Christmas Celebration Brunch

By Brooklake Church in Brooklake Church over 2 years ago | 513 views
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Join other wonderful ladies on Saturday, December 7 for the Women’s Christmas Celebration Brunch, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Have a delicious breakfast, spend time with your girlfriends and delight in a variety of beautiful table settings, all while enjoying a joy filled program with comedy as well as sweet, meaningful moments. It’s a great way to start your Christmas holiday season!  You can purchase your $12 tickets on Sundays at the Connect Center in the lobby or through your City Giving account at (find “Christmas Brunch” in the drop-down menu.) For more information, contact Coco Tomlinson at 253-569-6938.

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Discussion about this event

Kelli McNichols on 11/17/2013

Is my mom going with you???

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On Nov 17, 2013, at 8:03 PM, Maria Adsley on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Maria Adsley on 11/17/2013

I have not heard yet. Leigh said if she does, she can be at our table. I am bringing a friend also.

Maria Adsley on 11/23/2013

She is going Kelli…:)

Kelli McNichols on 11/23/2013

Yay! :D

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Coco Tomlinson on 11/30/2013

So much fun in store for all who attend.  I can not wait!

Gina Gibson on 12/03/2013

I RSVP’d alone and paid online, but I would like to sit with Kristine Brown. Thanks! 8)

Coco Tomlinson on 12/03/2013

As of this morning I don’t have a note or payment from Kristine Brown.  Do you know for sure she is attending?  I am making up the seat chart today and will put you two together if I can have a confirmation regarding Kristine.
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Coco Tomlinson

Gina Gibson on 12/04/2013

She told me she was. I will check with her and tell her to contact you. Thanks!

Katie Elliott on 12/05/2013

Hi Coco,

I am going to bring my Grammy.  :)  I just made a payment on the city for her, but I didn’t have the option to put her name, Judy Clark.  If possible, can she sit next to me?

Katie Elliott

Coco Tomlinson on 12/05/2013

Received your message.  I am finalizing the seating chart right now so good timing.  I have Judy
sitting by you.
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Coco Tomlinson

Katie Elliott on 12/05/2013

Thanks!  Looking forward to it!

Merlita ManapatSouthWorth on 12/07/2013

Sorry, have to cancel; we are leaving for vacation on Monday… have to do last minute errands.

Monica Wallis on 12/08/2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a spectacular event!

When you have a moment, will you please send more information regarding hosting a table in 2014?

Coco Tomlinson on 12/15/2013

Monica, there is a group of women who worked hard on the event.  I will make sure they hear your encouraging note.

The 2014 Brooklake Women’s Christmas Celebration will be the first Saturday in December.  Thank you for letting us know you are interested in hosting a table.  We will add  you to the list and notify you in September.  Attached is the table host information from this year.  

                        — Coco

December 07
9:30 am – 11:30 am
629 S. 356th St.
Federal Way WA 98003
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48 people
are coming
Liza Schoeberl (6)

Kali Vining (2)

Kristine Brown (1)

Leigh Johnson (1)

Lesley Coffee (1)

Gina Gibson (1)

Katie Elliott (2)

Jen Stepanek (1)

Jerrie Lottes (1)

Gretchen Stewart (1)

Chris Gibbons (2)

Jennifer Wheeler (1)

Kat Schirmer (1)

Dena Wall (1)

Maria Adsley (2)

Jane Brosseau (6)

Carla (Mora) Weber (1)

Danielle Anderson (1)

Nora Saldana (6)

Monica Wallis (1)

Nikki Staab (2)

Arlianne Lukkes (7)

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